About Us

          In the 1990s, as the internet expanded, TRG's personnel developed years of experience with multiple, large ISP companies designing and building large data networks and network centers around the country. Following the collapse in the year 2000, many Internet Service Provider companies declared bankruptcy. As a result, Technology Resource Group (TRG), headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, was formed to dispose of the significant surplus IT equipment as a service to the US Bankruptcy court.

As a result, TRG has generated a large knowledge base of network/center design and equipment as well as a large network of equipment buyers and sellers. This TRG knowledge base and disposal experience has assisted IT organizations of all sizes to meet the needs of their business with the latest IT technology and with minimum expense.

Most companies normally plan to up-grade technology as their business needs grow; however, many do not have a plan for the existing equipment technology once it is replaced. TRG has developed many unique disposal plans to help companies recover value from decommissioned technology assets following IT upgrades.

TRG provides customized solutions to serve each customer. This business strategy permits TRG to help each company maximize recovery from decommissioned IT assets based on its current unique circumstances.

You may know the general rule that IT equipment loses approximately 7% of the original value each month; therefore, the quicker you utilize TRG's services for disposal, the more money we can help you save for your business.