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Independent Asset Inventories and Evaluations

        TRG brings extensive past experience and current market knowledge to establishing the true present value of IT assets.

Our inventory and evaluation services include working closely with you to decide inventory depth and detail needed to serve your business purposes.

TRG can provide independent and up-to-date market-based estimates of inventory item valuations.

We are experts in market valuations based upon our extensive knowledge of:

  • Equipment condition assessment
  • Current market economics and trends
  • Price comparisons of similar used or new products

TRG can employ customer's current inventory records or take full responsibility and provide independent inventory services that save IT managers valuable internal personnel time. Once accurate inventory and detailed market evaluations are established, any action plans for disposal become more realistic and predictable.

TRG can then develop a customized proposal containing multiple disposal options that are responsive to and based on your current business needs.

TRG will work with Customers to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of the proposed options to enable selection of the actions that meet your current business needs.

If you would like to have more detail on TRG equipment inventory and evaluation programs, please contact us.

Asset Liquidation via direct TRG Purchase

        It is well established that IT technology's constant and rapid evolution to more productive generations of equipment can fuel productivity gains in your company's business. It is therefore important to constantly evaluate your company's IT hardware platforms and inventories against new technology to ensure maximizing your productivity return on IT expenditures.

By allowing TRG to immediately purchase your decommissioned technology assets you will:

  • Rapidly generate cash from old hardware to offset new hardware expenditures
  • Eliminate costs associated with carrying or storing idle inventory
  • Realize returns on depreciated assets

TRG experience has shown that clients, who persist in holding unused assets often, are subject to a range of negative issues. Valuable items become lost, stolen, broken or cannibalized.

Focusing on a long-term plan to immediately dispose of unused assets allows you to take advantage of the technology productivity curve while minimizing expense. Recent studies have shown that eliminating redundant or unused equipment can save companies 29% initially.

TRG can solve your unused IT inventory problems by providing rapid disposal and immediate cash for entire lots of unused equipment if you would like us to provide you with an equipment quote, please contact us.

Liquidation via TRG Consignment

         Consignment can be a mutually beneficial, flexible service using our resources to locate a buyer for your used equipment. We thereby free you from the burden of finding a buyer, while charging a reasonable fee for our services.

With our extensive knowledge of secondary market values, we can quickly sell your equipment within our large customer base, turning unused inventory into cash. TRG has years of experience in selling items on a consignment basis; and we have the contacts, knowledge and resources in house to efficiently manage the disposition process.

Your excess inventory can be maintained in our facilities for disposition management; or you can manage disposal of assets from your own warehouse. Upon transfer of consignment inventory to our facility, each item is tagged for identification purposes and each month you will receive a status update list of what has been sold and what remains in inventory.

If you choose to retain control if the equipment, you are responsible for timely packaging and shipment of the equipment to our warehouse facilities when you receive our purchase order. If you have TRG take possession of the surplus equipment, we will manage the entire sale, including packaging and shipment of each item.

If you would like to know more details on our consignment programs, please contact us.

Data Erasure and Destruction

        TRG will transport relevant equipment from your location to our facilities and properly destroy all data in accordance with the Department of Defense standards 5220.22-M (3X overwrite). Our process replaces drive data with a variable bit pattern, rendering information unrecoverable. Our minimum level of data erasure is 5x and exceeds DoD standards. However, but you can specify a level of erasure that meets your specific needs. In addition, for added safety we can also provide physical destruction of the hard drive.

Regardless of the program you select we provide you with the appropriate Certificate that indicates the specific equipment that was erased or destroyed. This certificate will validate your company's compliance with all relevant State and Federal disposal laws and regulations.

If you would like to know more details on our data erasure and destruction programs, please contact us.

Asset Recycling

EPA statistics on electronic waste (e-waste) show that e-waste is now the fastest-growing part of the municipal waste stream. In 2003, the National Safety Council estimated that between 315 million and 680 million computers would become obsolete within a three-year period. Today in California alone, 6,000 computers become obsolete each day; and of course, the numbers are growing. Out of the high volume of discarded computers, only 10% are actually recycled. The vast majority of electronics are simply thrown away as e-waste.

The disposal of electronic waste is monitored by the Federal Resource Recovery, and Conservation Act (RCRA). Computer recycling is also regulated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, because our environment can be harmed by the release of certain electronic components, particularly lead, found within computer and monitor waste.

TRG can assist your company to meet its obligations to avoid e-waste.

TRG will remove equipment from your location and properly dispose of it with fully licensed and environmentally responsible recycling/disposal facilities. When required we pull all hard drives and destroy them at our facility to ensure your data is not compromised.

All remaining e-waste equipment is then shipped to licensed recycling/disposal facilities. As part of the process TRG will provide a Certification of Destruction that indicates the specific equipment that was destroyed. This certificate will validate your company's compliance with all State and Federal disposal laws and regulations.

TRG does not charge for this service in most cases if there is little product. If there is a large amount of recycled product TRG does charge a small service fee, but is well below what other companies charge for removal.

If you would like to know more details on our recycling programs, please contact us.